Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2nd day in Japan / Shibuya

Hey people whats up??

We had such a great day today in shibuya.
We went there for shopping in the 109 and came a bit late because we could hardly find a bank who accepted our credit card. *sigh*

So we arrived at 16 oclock japanese time and stayed in shibuya untill 21:30 hr.
 This is what I bought in a drugstore near the 109.
Finally some great lashes again !

we got a bit hungry from shopping so we ate the first meal today haha.
Somehow we dont feel hungry in tokyo.

you can see it was already dark outside ! But it was only 19 or 20 oclock.

Afterwards we went on our way home because our backs hurt so much from all of our shopping bags :D
On our way we took sone pics in front of the 109

When we were at the train station we decided not to leave already because shibuya at night looks so awesome !
Take a look

And guess what we found on our own ..
A PURIKURA PLACE yeeeahhh. we are very proud of us :D
You dont have to speak japanese in Japan you can just say..
"sumimasen...purikura ??" or "sumimasen .. hamburger ? " XDD

Sooo.. we now going to eat something and have a cocktail or two :D
Ill post later more about our stuff we bought in the 109.
Hope you are excited we got lot of things to show !!


  1. Looks like SO much fun! I am jealous! I want more MA*RS!! <3

  2. xDD I want more d.i.a !! Fell in love there O:
    But I was kinda disappointem from Lip Service. On the internet they have so many amazing clothes but in the 109 its not my style ):

  3. Great choise for those cosmetics girl! ;) Hope you had a blast;) I blog current Japanese beauty secrets and rank it, so plz check it out! ThanX!



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