Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3rd day / purikura day ikebukuro

today was a very lazy day

we overslept and styled up so it was 18 oclock when we left the hotel LOL
we got hungry and first went to mcdo again to eat something. After this we wanted to go to sunshine city but
it closed at 20 pm so we didnt go there today.

Instead of doing this we searched for purikura again and found an automat ^-^

after the first shot we went to starbucks and drank caramell frappuchhino
so cute they draw little smileys on it and thank you :D

1 hour later we decided to do more purikura because our day was not as full of action as we thought it would be. This time I took a video while we did purikura.
 I hope its intressting for those who dont know or were never able to do purikura .
However first the pictures

and now the video !! enjoy

In the evning we bought some snacks. These were so delicious !!
Ichigo koala :D

And my todays outfit ( 1st purikura before we went home to change clothes )
 I wore my d.i.a top. I love the grey leo print and the chains and crosses.
Also I worn my new shoes from 109. I LOVE them.


  1. I love your Purikura <3<3<3 Ahh wie toll in dem Video hört man die Musik!! Hier der Automat ist so leise voll blöd ! Mähhhh!!!
    Geht umbedingt in den Bambina Automat. Bester Puriautomat ever !! Drück euch 3. Habt noch ganz viel Spaß *O* !! Vielleicht kannst du mir ja da sMY melody plush anhänger ding mitbringen. ich kann dir jederzeit Geld schicken ^..^.

  2. Das DIA-Top ist ja einfach mal pure Liebe! *O* <3

  3. Love D.I.A, you and your friend with the long hair.. you two look alike haha

    btw not sure if anyone told you but everytime i go to your page i get a warning that is known to have viruses or something and your page contains information from that source

  4. ich bin verliebt in deinen Blog *__*
    du bist echt zucker!! <3

  5. Ich liebe ihren stil! That top and those shoes are to die for! And I bet the purikura was really fun



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