Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Purikura and Shibuya cross video ♥

Sooo its time for another post !
I found some more purikura which I didnt upload yet but unfortunately these are the last ones we took in Japan ... buuhuhuhuuu kinda sad ;_____;

On our last night in shibuya we took some pics and a video !
here it is !

Famous shibuya cross. 
( Tokyo drift drifted along :D I love this scene ♥♥ / except that han dies DDDDDDDDDDDDD: )

We sat there way too long because we didnt want to go home ):
While we sat there and speak german a japanese man came and said " Sind sie deutsche ? " ( Are you germans ? ) and we said omg yees we are ( on german / the whole conversation was on german ) 
and then he told us we was 2 years in germany and visited Eisenach, Berlin and Hamburg. When he asked us where we come from we said Würzburg !! and he came with " Ohh yees .. Marienburg, Käppele, Frankenwein...Currywurst " hahaha that was so cute !! ♥♥

Its funny that when you are in germany and you say you live in Würzburg nearly NOBODY knows where the fuck it is but when you say it in japan everybody is like " OHHH haiii residence !! " XDD
Its because our city has much old and interessting buildings for foreigners escpecially for japanese :D

Hope you stay continued for my pimped mobile phone and my clothes I bought ^__^


  1. everytime i read your entries it makes me wanna go to shibuya (´д`)ハァ~

    and i like your new layout :3

  2. Cute pictures! I'm so jealous of you haha <3



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