Monday, August 1, 2011

First day in japan / ikebukuro arrival


first day of our trip was so so so so so hard and we couldnt really sleep for nearly 24 hrs !

First of all we flew to abu dhabi 8 hrs and when we got out of the plane it was like BOOM
so freaking hot. 36 °C

we had some drinks there.

2 hrs later we went into the other plane and I was a bit afraid of this smoke everywhere O_O
unfortunately you cant see it clearly but it was like something is broken lol
So I asked the stewardess whats the problem and she said its because of the air circulation and the hot weather. And I was just like...uhm..okay o.o

10 freaking hours later we arrived in TOKYO !!
We were all so tired so we thought about taking a cab but a nice policeman said it would cost 200 euro O_O
uhm..nooo. so we decided for the cheapest way for about 10 euro but it took about 1.30 hrs more to get to the hotel...oh well.
while waiting we had some starbucks coffee.

Finally arriving at the hotel the woman at the reception told us we didnt checked in YESTERDAY so she cancelled our booking and we were like..ja lol why the fuck yesterday ?? and she said " well it was the 31.7" and we were 100% sure TODAY is the 31.7 but then Ive seen a calender were stands " 1 august welcome at sakura hotel " and then it was clear we had a freaking wrong plan of this beginning of our journey..
Eventually we now have a very small room untill saturday and then we have to search something else for ONE NIGHT because the sakura hotel will be overbooked on this night but on sunday we are able to go back until our departure.
PUUHHH not an easy start :D

Also, Im sorry for not posting so much pics today. We are all tired and look very fucked up :D
So pics will come tomorrow after we went to shibuya 109 !!!!

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  1. Girl that sounds crazy!! but you know~ craziness usually means things will be more memorable XD
    Hope you guys end up having a blast!!

    also~ try here for a cheap one night stay :
    I've stayed there twice now when I went to Tokyo. Very affordable, pleasant staff, and clean. A little out of the way but since it is only for one night..



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