Thursday, August 25, 2011

Im going to Switzerland !!

Finally a new post from me.
Sorry that Im not able to blog that often now. Its because I have to work the whole week.
However, Im going to switzerland again on saturday !!!

For those who dont know.
My dad lives there since .. 8 years or wtf and we are there 2-3 times a year.

I got this new thing on my sidebar so you can check out posts easier if you are searching for travelling posts.

Soo... just that I have anything to blog about Ill tell you something about our trip to switzerland 2 years ago in summer. ( wth I cant believe its already 2 years ago...time goes by so fast O_O )

It was my sisters birthday and we decided to breakfast with dolphins ^___^
This was sooooooo awesome !!!
Here are some pictures 

Since this was 2 years ago I didnt dress gyaru. I didnt even know that this style exist so.. XD
Dont blame me because I look so un gyaru...its because I AM NOT gyaru on these pics.
René and me :D

Afterwards we took a ride on the FREEFALL TOWER !!!
Okay..just the one for the little kids ahaha..but I was afraid as its the huge one !
The kids were all like.. " I aint eve excited "
My mum and me we were like " WAAAAAAAAHHH" and René was just sitting there laughing because of us XD

Okay sooo... I hope you check out my blog EVERY DAY because when Im in switzerland ( saturday ) Ill blog everyday wuuuu. Im so excited ^-^


  1. ich weiß nich aber die braunen Haare stehen dir echt gut :D Auch wenns nicht wirklich nach gyaru aussieht :D

    Die Delfine sind toll :D Ich wünschte wir hätten hier sowas =___= Naja egal :D

  2. Oh mein Gott in die Schweiz ahaha :D
    wohin genau? ;)
    Ich wohn da ja (leider!) :D

  3. Also gaaaaaaaaaaanz genau nach Schönengrund. Das liegt zw Appenzell und St. Gallen i.wo.
    Am Sonntag sind wir in Zürich und sonst mal sehen. St. Gallen sicher mal. Wo wohnst du denn ?
    Und wieso leider ? Ich liebs da voll ^0^ oke mal abgesehen davon, dass ich jetzt eher keine Schweizer Gals persönlich kenne :D :D



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