Thursday, August 4, 2011

4th day / Harajuku / Sunshine City

Heeeeeeeeeey !
Today we went to sunshine city in ikebukuro and I really love it.
We bought some glitter things for our mobile phones but not eough so we post pics when we finished it.

we found barbie lashes !! Ill buy some next days. ♥♥♥

We also found so hot stripper shoes.. SO MANY !!! I want them all *0*
Unfortunately I wasnt allowedn to take pics of them but I was able to do aa pic of these shoes.
Its barbie pink !!! I want them sso badly but its size M BUHUH ;____;

After this little shopping we had a little meeting with Gailiy, Momoko and Vanilla.
Diane showed up for some time. She organized an appointment for us for getting our nails done. YAAY.
Tomorrow evening we will have gyaru nails !! EXCITEED 

takesita dorii

We also had some delicious bubble tea. I had watermelon milk. Soo much love  for it.

Aaaannnd the purikura part :D
I dont like them very much because we have SO big eyes on it and sometimes our skin is very light. I like doing purikura on our own more xD
 okay LOL im 3times bigger then Galily D:
and somehow m hair looks kinda grey..haha

aweeee so much fun today again !!

Plans for tomorrow are shibuya and then harajuku for our nails. tiihihi. is another short video from
 purikura. We took this in harajuku in a puri place ^-^

read more tomorroww !!

And again for those people who use CHROME as a browser. There might be shown you a virus warning but its NoT true. Its not from my blog. It comes from another and I already deleted it and all the comments and so on but somehow she still follows my blog or some shit and this warning wont go away ! so use firefox as browser or just click on " go ahead " I PROMISE you wont get a virus !!!


  1. Awwww, alles so toll! ;___; <3

    Ich will auch wieder nach Japan. ;__;
    Wünsche euch ganz ganz viel Spaß dort! <3

  2. aww die Bilder sehn einfach toll aus und ich bin schon gespannt auf eure gyaru nails <3



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