Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What we bought in shibuya

we are just back from Mcdo were I got this super kawaii ( nyaaaa )
Hello Kitty Plushie from the happy meal ;D

but now to the things we bought.

We layed down everything on the bed.

We only shopped at MA*RS, d.i.a, xoxo kiss, and some other random stores.
Its so awesome that this is REAL and these are OUR clothes. Not just looking on another picture on another blog. Its our very own. We feel so special :D

I wanna show you what Ramona and I worn this evening when we went to the mcdonalds.
This is Ramonas Outfit.
And this is mine.

However I just wanna show you some details of my outfit.
At the back


And last my garter
Hope you like the things we bought.
Read more tomorrow
See youu ^___^


  1. aah, you were shopping in my lovely XOXO kisskiss ヽ(▽`)ノワーイ♪
    who was talking to you?ww
    I was wearing the black top with the zipp and the ribbon at the back so many times too haha ww
    and the garter fits you really good \(@^0^@)/

  2. WOW!!!!! Your shopping was...wonderful!! Lucky you!! Is the 109 still in SALE? If not, I'm sure you've spent a lot of money!! But...it's OK...you have almost tons of new perfect clothes!!! ^0^
    Isn't it hot wearing boots and tights in Tokyo now?? O_O When I went in August I almost could't wear Converses! X_X
    Enjoy!! ;D

  3. I LOVE your outfits! You and your friend look gorgeous!

  4. @ Rina : xoxo kiss has lovely clothes ! I bought 3 things from them ^-^
    I dont know anymore who talked to me sorryy >_<
    The garter was actually a necklace but I thought it would look better as a garter lol
    the stuff looked surprised but liked the idea :D

    @ Mikirin: Your right its hot, but its okay in the evening / night. Then it cooled down a bit so I can wear boots ;b
    Just a few things are in sale. Not many sadly ):

    @ Bouncybrown: thank you so much ^__^

  5. ahh, no prob ww i cant remember such things too ww

    yeah, its a necklace (笑´∀`)
    I had some costumes who did it for the leg too, but i guess nobody expects that a pretty blond foreigner knows gyaru fashion that much (゚▽゚*)♪

    guess you guys have so much fun (ノД`)・゜・。



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