Sunday, August 14, 2011

10th day / Shibuya

This was our last day in Japan.
Actually we flew home one day later but I dont think this counts because we did nothing then checking out the hotel, eating something and driving to the airport.

So on wednesday we went the last time to shibuya 109 to spend our rest money.
I found my outfit which I wanted to buy few days before but it costs 100euro ~ and I was not sure about it. Later in the hotel I thought " fuck it. we are in japan. 100 more or less. I want it !! " However on the next day it wasnt available so I was kinda sad. But on our last day Ive seen it again and it only cost 70 euro ~ !! Im so happy !! Take a look ♥♥

 mhhh I kinda love this peacepose with my new nails haha

Its from d.i.a and the belt is from Twisty / diavolo.
The garter is from a shop in Ikebukuro sunshine city and those garter stripes are from ageha shop.
Oh and the too small pantyhose is from OIOI City.
Close up !
I know I gained some weight so please dont be mean to me.
I have to lose now 7 Kg again.

Of course shopping was not our only thing we did.
PURIKURAAA again. The last ones in tokyo ):
Im going to miss it..we only have ONE puri machine in whole germany !!!
And to this I have to drive 4 hrs by train -.-
So...byebye beloved lifestyle in tokyo. Hope I see you soon !!!

we look like kids hahaha. 
And I didnt colour my hair pink. I just clipped in Ramonas hair.
I would never colour my hair pink. I think it definitely doesnt fit me.
But we wore our disney bows !! So cute. Except of Ramona because we couldnt find her bow. Or mine..I think I put her on and lost mine ?? I dont know XD Everything can happen in our chaos hotelroom :D

This one looks like I grab Barbaras Boob but thats not true !! We recognized it later LOL
I dont know whats going on here :D

Read more later or tomorrow !!


  1. nice pictures♥
    and i love the outfit!!
    but 100 or 70 euro is sooo muuuch...
    i think i would not be able to buy it><
    but i think you spend sooo much money there, right? haha i wish i could do it toooo (T T)
    you bought so much of expensive brands ;_;♥
    but it really matches you (^///^)♥
    do you know already when you plan to go there again? :)

    i cant wait for more interesting pictures♥

  2. wir haben 3 puri maschninen hier und bald 4 :P

  3. I absolutely love your first outfit! It's absolutely gorgeous.

  4. I love the outfit! You can't put a price on happiness! :P

  5. Aww, you're also from Germany!
    Dein Style ist toll :D Und deine Augenfarbe und Haarfarbe~
    Don't worry about losing weight, you look fine like that~ And I also always want to buy 100€-Outfits but I feel like I have to save up a little at least XD Though, I'm also thinking about buying that belt... maybe.



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