Saturday, August 13, 2011

9th day / Disneyland

Hellooo !!
Sorry for not posting yesterday.
If you are my facebook friend you checked out the video and know why :D
If not, I tell you. We had to pack our stuff and it was just a BIG MESS.
Oh I found the video for you :D

Dont worry. Its clean now ;b

We tried to tidy everything up in our tiny room... but fortunately our weight is in the limit ;D
and somehow Ramona has 3 kg less then before.. ahaha. I hope the scale does work right  !

However back to the day before yesterday.
we drove there with a special train.
 Of course we bought minnie mouse ears ^__^
and we took a photo in front of the Disney Castle 

This is the disney castle at day and at night. Its so romantic !!

Isnt it beautiful ?
And now the best part. At night they turned out all lights and they had a Disney Electric parade !!
This was SO amazing !! Please take your time and watch this parade. Its about 20 minutes so I had to cut it off in 2 parts but its totally worth to watch.
Many disney characters are included. 


We are now sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for our flight in the evening.
I think Ill blog in Abu dhabi again when we have to wait 9 hrs for our connecting flight. So I have enough time to blog about yesterday and show you some purikura again !! Last ones in Tokyo D:

EDIT : This post was written like 24 hrs ago. Youtube didnt let me upload my vids so we try now again. We are sitting in abu dhabi for 5 hrs now and 5 more are waiting. Then we fly the last 6 hrs. we took already 10 from tokyo. sooo annoying <__<

EDIT : Finally youtube was oh so nice to let me upload the videos.
I have many more things to blog about. Stay conntinued.
Thank you for waiting !!


  1. die parade ist echt toll!!! *____* alles glitzert und funkelt!!!

  2. jaaaa die fand ich auch so toooll :)
    ich liebe dieneyland!
    habt ihr denn noch mehr bilder davon gemacht?
    die würde ich gerne seheeeen :)
    naja sieht aber so aus als hättet ihr viel spaß!
    das ist super (´3`)



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