Saturday, August 27, 2011

Arriving in Switzerland / New boots

yooo people !!

finally we arrived at our home in switzerland !
On my way I bought some new slipper for indoors 
take a look

taha taha i love them they are sooo comfortable and warm my feet :3

In munich we had to change trains so we ate something at mcdo and I found a mustache french fries :D

lol since I look dumb as fuck in this pic Ill show you a prettier one ^-^
However, tomorrow we are going to Zürich and searching for Hooters and going shopping a bit.
We also want to go to the Züricher See wuuuu ^-^

Read more tomorrow !!

( aww please tell me if I edit the pics too dark because my sisters display is sooo light so maybe I edit some pics too dark and I want you to tell me because I want you to see everything clearly !! D: )


  1. the first ones are good, the last one is a bit dark :)
    lG :D

  2. Aww deine Schühchen sind ja oberzucker ;Ä; *neid*
    Echt supi <3

    Ich finde, die Raum-Bilder wirken etwas dunkel, mag aber auch generell am Licht liegen, kenn das Problem, die Mc Bilder hingegen sind gut (mal abgesehen dass ein Schatten beim letzten Foto über deine Augen fällt) :0
    Also nix für Ungut! ^^



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