Friday, August 5, 2011

5th day / Harajuku / shibuya

OMG !!!
today was the day we get our nails done !!!
I never did this before so I was really excited.

We went to harajuku for this.
Ramona and me in the nail salon. Barbara took the picture ♥

It took 4 hours until they finished our nails but it felt like 2 hours or something.
I want as long nails als Ramonas but Im not able to because of my work ):
So is barbara xD Poor us. Lucky Ramona.

 Barbaras nails.

 Ramonas nails.

Since we were in Harajuku we wanted to eat a Harajuku crepe.
And so we did ^-^

Expensive but yummy !.about 500 yen ( 4,50 Euro ) 

Aaand Purikura of course. However it wasnt a good day for purikura. We always looked fucked up ):
So I show you only this one.
The reason for our bad look is our room. We only have one big mirror so Ill show you a normal morning in our hotel.

Like this LOL
Somebody is doing her make up and the other ones has to do their hair or have to chat because there is no space. Thats the reason why we need like 3 hours to style up just for a bad look. naaahh..kaka.

However I wanna show you my nails !!

What do you think ?? Turned out well ??
Im really happy with the result ^___^ 

Oh aaand...we were in shibuya 109 again and I bought a super awesome belt from twinky ! Very expensive but I think its  worth it. And a top from xoxo kiss kis which I owned already in white but I like it so much that  bought it in black, too !

Read more tomorrow after the Gal meet up.
I have to sleep now because tomorrow is the day we have to check out at out hotel and go to another hotel for one night. AND its the dday of the Gyaru meeting....GAAA..stress.
Ill wear my belt and ne top tomorrow so youre able to check them out soon !!

Thanks for reading ^__^


  1. Your nails are gorgeous ♪(v〃∇〃) LOVE IT

  2. Yoour nails are awesome!!
    And your makeup too!! It must be difficult to remove all the eyeliner, isn't it!? x_X
    I ate Harajuku famous crêpes! SO YUMMY!!
    Enjoy your Gyaru meeting tomorrow~! :)

  3. woow !
    eure nägel sehen echt toll aus!
    wie teuer waren die denn? :o
    ich würde mir auch mal gerne solche machen lassen wennn ich da bin aber war bestimmt teuer :(
    ich mag eure purikuras!
    sieht jedenfalls aus als hättet ihr viel spaß dort! <3

  4. Woooa~~ I love your nails!!! and your friends nails too~~!! ♥♥ *O*



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