Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I bought in Tokyo !

Heey guuys..
I think you all waited for this entry :D
But I have to disappoint you. I dont spend that much money so I just have some clothes to show you.

I hope I didnt forgett something...
I write where I bought it and for how much so maybe its helpfull for you if you plan your trip to Tokyo next time ?

First of all my belt.
I bought it in Shibuya 109
Shop : Twisty / diavolo
It cost around 100 euro ~
What I liked about it you are able to design a belt by your own.
So you can change the buckle and the chains etc.
 details :

These are the garters I bought
Left is from a shop in Ikebukuro Sunshine City and cost around 15 euro ~
In the middle is the garter from the ageha online shop and around 9 euro ~
The last one is from XOXO-kiss kiss in shibuya109 around 15 euro I think.

My Barbie purse was around 70 euro ~
I would have bought more but the store was so small they havnt had too many things.
I bought it in Harajuku. The Barbie store was in La Foret.

Now the clothes !!
First this one 
 Its from XOXO-kiss kiss and was around 25 euro ~
I have the same in black, too !
Back view.

This one is from MA*RS shop in Shibuya 109
It actually cost something around 30 Euro but somehow we got a discount abou 10 euro so its end price was only about 20 euro~  yaaay ^-^

I bought this one at the yumetenbo online shop.
It arrived at my warehouse while I was in japan and I would be dumb if I send it to germany with expensive shipping cost. So I decided to send it to my hotel and saved lots of money :D
However...here it is.

This top is from Coconut Kiss I think.. Its a shop in Ikebukuro Sunshine City
and cost around 20 euro I think ?

This top is from d.i.a store in shibuya 109
It was the first top I bought :D
Its about 55 euro~

I love the back !!

I also bought this from d.i.a in shibuya 109.
I dont know anymore how much ~.~ maybe..35 euro ??
I like that its another colour but Im not sure about the shoulder things... we'll see !

Here I have something from Tutuha !
I have to say I kinda love this shop. The staffs are the best looking in shibuya 109 ( next to d.i.a staffs )
Its more industrial I would say. Never thought about it :D
The top is about 50 euro~ and the cross is about 20 euro~
 I like the colour and I LOVE the cross. But somehow Im afraid I might look like a pirate with those ruffls and stuff...mhh.

You have already seen my shoes.
They are from one of many shoe stores in shibuya 109
( but if you want to buy shoes I would go to Ikebukuro sunshine city. They have SO many. I found some wegdes I fell in love but they were size L and I need LL BUHUHUHUHU )
They cost around 70 euro~

Of course this one. I already told you. Just for the list :b
D.i.a shop in Shibuya 109 around 70euro~

And the top I wore in this post 
is from XOXO-kiss kiss in shibuya 109 and was around 15 euro I think.

I also bought sunglasses but I cant find them now XD around 10 euro in a shop in Shibuya 109.

Thats all !! Hard to believe right ?
I thought I would spend 1000 euro but it was only a bit more than 600.
I think its kinda hard to spend so much money on clothes in only 11 days.
Because you are not only going shopping. My nails cost something, the Yamanote line cost, bubble tea, starbucks, mc do :D, eating.. make up of course. Disneyland, too !
In the end Im happy that I didnt spend too much money and had a great time (:

If somebody said I have to leave tomorrow for Tokyo...I would go :D
I miss this city so hard ):

Hope you liked my post anyway !!


  1. schön das du wieder da bist ♥ und ich freu mich drauf wenn du die Klamotten mal trägst :)

  2. wow die preise gehn ja richtig o_O ich dacht immer das ist alles so arschteuer?XDDDD

    freut mcih dass du viel spaß hattest <3 und welcome back~

  3. Everything looks so awesome! I love the tutuHa top and all your d.i.a purchases! You look fab!<3

  4. danke für den post! :P :) ...ich bin so super unnormal neidisch kitai XDD grausam!!... ich liebe den Gürtel total!! wir planen nächstes Jahr nach Tokio zu fliegen für zwei wochen und SOEINEN werde ich mir definitiv auch mitnehmen :) ...

    die Klamotten passen total gut zu dir! ich bin gespannt wie sie angezogen aussehen aber bestimmt super :)

  5. the purple one is very cute :D
    Barbie purse=WIN XD

  6. Woooow you bought so much beautiful stuff!! *_* I really really love that belt, I want to design my own too! I'm suprised that you got so much and the price wasn't toooo bad either, I would expect it to cost a lot more than that!! :O

  7. deine sachen sind so schön! oh mann ... ich bin so neidisch auf dich! xD

  8. Wow! So many nice things I am jealous :D <3

  9. wooow so nice things *O* !! Ilovee it <3<3 the belt is awesome...

  10. wenn das jemand zu mir sagen wuerde, wuerd ich noch heute packen lol
    das tutuha top mit der kette ist LIEBE (゚▽゚*)♪ ww
    und danke fuers follown v(。・ω・。)ィェィ♪

  11. i love everything! super glam! cant wait for outfit photos.

  12. i'm envyyyyyy <3 oh baby you got the BEST taste!!! i think i'll go to Tokyo in November ^^

  13. I like your D.i.a stuff the most, but how unfortunate it's the most expensive too (and the pants are not easy to fit in XD).
    Lovely gets though <3 I can probably never afford to spend that much money on clothes all at once T_T;



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